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Technical Service

Provide the best possible products and "Zero-Distance" service
We are making efforts to establish itself in more world markets,and to set up overseas organizations to better understand local needs and provide more thorough and timely service.

Supply Chain Management

Main Cooperation - Brand

Mature supply chain is one of the criteria to test whether a company is based in the current industry. Supplier support is also an important foundation for the development of an enterprise. After many years of development in the industry, we have established a mature supply chain system and have the relevant suppliers of quality, service and financial support.

Main Components-Engine

After years of cooperation, we have established long-term and effective relationships with engine companies such as PERKINS, CUMMINS, WEICHAI, DEUTZ, KVT, DOOSAN or its agents, that we can get competitive prices, services, delivery and prompt supply of spare parts.

Main Components -Alternator

Weve got STAMFORD, MARATHON, SIEMENS, LEROY- SOMER, meccalte, FALADAY, Evotec and other companies OEM licensing, and be able to get a competitive price and delivery period.

Main Components-Silent canopy/Sheet metal parts

Relying on the strong industrial base of Weifang, we have two sheet metal suppliers in local, called ELITE and BOTAI, the two suppliers have more CNC machining equipment and workers, according to our drawings and requirements to produce Qualified products, and to customize the different styles and colors.

Main Components-Electrical components

We usually use Schneiders OEM factory (named Delixi) as the main electrical components, including switch circuit breakers, relays, AC contactors, cable wires, cable bushings, frequency converters and so on.

Main Components-Valve group

We use the Italian MADAS, Germany DUNGS, the United States FSIHER brands such as pressure regulating valve, electromagnetic switches and other components, these components used in gas pipelines and safety measures.

Main Components-Ignition system and Control system

Due to the cost-effective reasons, we usually choose the domestic reliable electronic control system the ignition and operation of the engine, and we can also choose Germany Motortec, USA Woodward, Switzerland Huegli and other efficient ignition system. These imported systems can achieve closed- loop control and have automatic detection and control procedures. If the biogas composition is relatively stable and clean, the domestic system can also achieve closed-loop control by installed with ample oxygen sensor. The control system usually adopts Deepsea, ComAp, SmartGen etc, which have protection function, remote control and automatic grid-paralleling.

Main Components-Other connection components and steels

Duo to Weifang is an industrial city, we have a good market for hardware materials for our use of high-quality steel, stainless steel and other components.


We provide the corresponding customer after service according to different products.
The diesel generator provides 1500 hours or 1 years of customer after service.
The gas generator set and the CHP is 2000 hours or 1 years of customer after service.
Biomass gasification system is 1 years of customer after service.
Can also be extended warranty services according to customer requirements when both sides negotiated.

Pre-sale Service

We are dedicated to provide you with professional pre-sales technical services, detailed introduction of equipment related parameters, market equipment price forecast, professional technical information consultation.

Promote the operation of later equipment to achieve the best effect, and do a good job in energy conservation and environmental protection.
Our aim is to ensure that the investment of our customers can bring the best benefits.

Manuals and Catalogues

Installation Accessories, Tool Kit & Manual Books and CCS Certificate for engine
Operator's Manuals and Parts Catalogs for equipment all come with equipment package to you (English Version).
If you need extra set, some of them are available in electronic format, if not available, you can purchase a hard copy or CD rom from us.
You can just contact our sales office for assistance with purchasing Operator's Manuals and Parts catalogues.
We also supply products catalogues to our dealerships.


12 months or 1500 running hours from shipment date, subject to the earlier. If the quality problem arise during the warranty period, and verified that the problem is caused by our genset-body instead of external or natural reasons (Refer to all kinds of natural disaster, shipping, loading, unloading, wrong-operation, etc), we will supply the relevant spare parts free of charge for maintenance; after the warranty Open type Dimensions Silent type Dimensions period, we can supply the required spare parts for you under cost price.


  1. ATS
  2. Synchronization System
  3. External daily fuel tank
  4. Auto Fuel Pump
  5. Fuel and Water Separator
  6. Lub Oil Heater
  7. Coolant Heater
  8. Fuel Drain Pump
  9. Silent Canopy
  10. Trailer


We can provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service.
We have worked with many world famous shipping carriers and can arragne shipment to any country in the world, it can save your time and money.

Our location are ideally placed to deliver to all of the major export China ports .
We offer FCL* AND GP* containers from the China to Worldwide
We are also able to offer RORO* (roll on - roll off ) for the shipment of vehicles. Read more

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